Friday, 27 April 2018

Random Acts During Art School - a poem

"Random Acts"
a poem

The H has this intriguing habit
Preserved for when I’m out of the house
on indulgent retreats

Such as a week-long poetry course ...

While I’m elsewhere
He’ll choose a random part of the kitchen and
Undo it

To show off my slovenliness
Or his house husband-y-ness

Back at the ranch on Wednesday night I found a herd of jars
Nineteen in total
Corralled on the bench whinnying for attention

I had foolishly demanded only the day before
‘Where are all those Pic’s Peanut butter jars I keep
to re-use?’

Well there they were
In all their semi-sterilised greasy glory

And all I could think at their finding
Fuck off


Friday, 20 April 2018

Screen Shopping - A Friday Night Poem

I poured myself a wine and
perused black leather
boots on the internet,
knee-high thigh-high
hungry work
I ate
cracker of
thick creamy blue
on Seasameals
I surfed boots until that wedge of cheese was
and I needed another wine to
settle into Shorty Street on the widescreen
my shopping cart holding
one item
539 dollars US Italian knee highs
with exquisite stitching detail,
softest leather inner and outer,
flat heels but oh-so-stylish
will take you from
day time to night
time on the sofa
but I didn't click check-out
I clicked the laptop lid down on
those European toes that
will never-go-out-of- fashion
and turned up The Street
in my sheepskin slippers

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