Thursday, 21 August 2014

Say Chocolate, Say Chocolate Mousse

I am a self confessed chocolate freak. A guts. A hoarder. When in doubt I always eat chocolate (if my stash hasn't been raided). My children bought me a safe one Christmas to lock my lollies in. They wonder why I don't use it. It's too small. Mostly. Also I can't be bothered. I like my king size dark almond slipped under a manuscript in my desk drawer. Easy access. I also like my chocolate mousse unadulterated. This recipe is the traditional french one, all you need is good quality dark chocolate and fresh free range eggs. I'm lucky enough to have hens so my eggs are straight down the chute so to speak.

For French Chocolate Mousse

You will need

250grams50% Dark Chocolate (or up to 72% if you prefer)
6 - 8 Eggs

What you do

Melt chocolate in a glass bowl. Call me a heathen but I do this in the microwave, on 40 sec increments on high. Stir until smooth.
Separate Eggs
Add each yolk separately into the chocolate and mix well.
Beat egg whites with an electric beater until stiff snowy peaks form. Farm fresh eggs have the yellow-ist yolks and the most enormous whites, so with 8 eggs I ended up with enough pud for a dinner party of 12, when it was only my daughter and I at home.

Fold whites, a good dollop at a time with a metal spoon, into the chocolate mixture. Leave to set in the mixing bowl or decant into pretty tea cups or crystal glasses. Et voila a rich creamy dessert that believe it or not will be set in half an hour.

Best eaten with a small silver spoon. Can add runny cream.
Happy eating chocolate lovers!
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