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Some of you may be interested to know whether I've garnered any cred over and above being a blogger among billions, tallying page-views, likes and links.

Well, sort of. Since I started on this crazy free-write information highway late October 2012, giving my warped views on family, fun, fads, food, fashion and other f-words; while maintaining the truth is always stranger than fiction I have made the famous UK based, blogger-network's

'front page' with my story: Weird Jobs I've Done For Money While Training to be a Writer

@MumsnetBloggers also gave a little social media assistance to my story: Breast Cancer Not Always  

& to this winning speech by my daughter 15, #hashtag hipsters - a guest post

Plus this nice pluggy tweet:

@MumsnetBloggers Something to brighten up your Wednesday afternoon - a marvellous blog post all about pubes, courtesy of @janeebloom    Pube Peace, an essay

BTW when I spied one of my all time favourite YA writers, Meg Rosoff, belonged to Mumsnet Bloggers, frankly that was proof enough for me that I'd join, if they'd have me. And they did.

Speaking of Meg Rosoff, she sent me the equivalent of a blogger paycheck with this blimmin lovely re-tweet of  Pube Peace, an essay:

Meg Rosoff @megrosoff
Love @janeebloom's take on the beards vs brazillians debate. You tell 'em girl 
Thanks a million  Meg! @megrosoff   

I was also thrilled to get this comment from - Vicki Psarias film maker, professional blogger & former magazine editor on my eyelash farming story Don't Try This At Home 

"Bloody love this post. Made me laugh out loud, you write like a dream...!" Thanks Vicki. @HonestMummy

Vicki also said this about my post Losing Our Minds:
"This made me cry, you write so beautifully, you have touched me and I'm so sorry about your father, thanks for sharing this powerful post the hairs on my arms are raised, thank you x"

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Thanks a lot @MumsnetBloggers

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