Friday, 27 April 2018

Random Acts During Art School - a poem

"Random Acts"
a poem

The H has this intriguing habit
Preserved for when I’m out of the house
on indulgent retreats

Such as a week-long poetry course ...

While I’m elsewhere
He’ll choose a random part of the kitchen and
Undo it

To show off my slovenliness
Or his house husband-y-ness

Back at the ranch on Wednesday night I found a herd of jars
Nineteen in total
Corralled on the bench whinnying for attention

I had foolishly demanded only the day before
‘Where are all those Pic’s Peanut butter jars I keep
to re-use?’

Well there they were
In all their semi-sterilised greasy glory

And all I could think at their finding
Fuck off


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