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I am pretty keen on capturing the fabulous flora and fauna of New Zealand, with my trusty Canon Powershot G15. Sometimes I sneak in a two legged mammal or a celebrity or two. None of my photos have been touched up.

Snow on Rowan berries, North & South Magazine, October 2013
Bellbird feasting on a juicy winter pear x 3

Tui in a kowhai tree in my garden

Ice as frost protection on apricot blossom, Roxburgh

Tuatara eating a live worm for lunch, Invercargill Museum

Baby Lupin on the Shotover River Delta

Spring buds at the Arrow River

I know how easy it is to right click on these babies and they're yours. But if you want to make any of my photos into a pretty calendar, a tea towel, or a biscuit tin cover, get in touch si'l vous plait. 

Early morning rainbow in the horse paddock 

Justin Bieber Believe Tour, Vecta Arena Auckland 2013

Nearly lost my legs to boy racers, stood in the middle of the road for this shot. Riccarton at sunset.

Mountain chalet Manigod, France

Clouds scudding through Le Tour Eiffel

Rhododendrons, Christchurch Botanical Gardens 

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