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Part 3 - The Final - In Conversation with Lauren Child

(An embarrassed chihuahua wearing trainers was the inspiration for this book)

Part 3 and the final of - In Conversation with Lauren Child. In this rookie journo Jane Bloomfield attempts a Rapid-fire-list. Sort of styled on the Sunday Magazine’s, rapid-fire-list for cool sort-of-celebs The Grill.

However, please note Lauren does not do quick answers. Often because she has many different but, equally important responses.

For example, when Lauren was asked her favourite colour by a six-year-old girl at Remarkables Primary:

Ooh it changes all the time             
Orange for telephones
Yellow for cardigans
Pink only when it’s with green
(Salvidor Dali Lobster phone in orange)

My list came with instructions: Just pick your preferred option out of the pair of words. Or add your own, if I’ve got it completely wrong!

Champagne – Red wine                                 +Gin

Heels – Trainers                                             +Boots                                   

Flowers – Chocolates                                    +Flowers definitely

Earl Grey – Lapsang Souchong                       +Lady Grey    

Handbag – Briefcase                                      +Handbag

Coloured pencils – Watercolours                  +Coloured pencils

Designer – High street                                   +Designer 

Flowers – Stripes                                           +Depends what it’s on?
Not little flowers. I do wear stripy shirts. I like big flowers. In a pattern. What’s on your dress really appeals to me – an origami look. Or geometric.

Vintage – Contemporary 
Until recently I wasn’t very good at vintage. But now I do have quite a lot because there are better shops around. I’m not very good at rifling through things. But I’d probably say contemporary.

Play – Opera                                                   + Film!

They do such different things. I love both. If I’m trying to escape I’d go movie. Because when I’ve got lots of noise in my head I find it very hard to read.

Social Media – Letters                                    +Letters
I hate social media, generally, I’m doing Instagram because I get it. You can take a picture of a marble and you don’t have to say anything. But Twitter it’s just full of lots of inane chat, isn’t it? If I’ve ever read anyone else’s Twitter I always feel a bit on the outside of it because they’ve always got a conversation going that I’m not part of.
Kale/quinoa patties with beetroot relish - Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding
What a choice. I had chickpea, corn and lentil fritters yesterday, they were SO good.

Are you vegan?
No. I’m not fussy. I don’t eat much meat because it doesn’t agree with me. I have a very big appetite!

Worrier – Always upbeat                               +Upbeat-worrier!    

Morning personNight owl                          +Night owl

(Lauren cuts out all the pieces of her drawings & moves them around until the balance is just right)

Lucy Lauren’s friend is waiting. And trying to get Lauren to her next appointment. She has confirmed Lauren's responses to be true.

I say to Lucy, ‘I asked Lauren if she every slept because she’s produced such a massive volume of work.'*

Lucy says, ‘If I’m visiting Lauren, I need to leave her house at a reasonable hour but Lauren will invariably stay up chatting till dawn. And she won't  look tired or aged or ragged like the rest of us!’

Lauren says, ‘I’m not a good sleeper. I don’t sleep much. The problem is I come into my own at night. But the universe doesn’t work for people like me. Because we’ve decided everyone gets up early because it makes more sense. That’s when it’s light. But I’m just on a different body clock.’

*Lauren Child has written and or illustrated 45 books in 18 years. I can't wait to see what the next 18 bring. It was such a privilege to meet her. Jane x

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