Friday, 27 January 2017

What I Did in the Holidays - a beachy photo essay

The newspaper said - Sunrise: 6.02am. The alarm squawked at 5.35. I sat in the cool morning sand in my long red silk nightie and sweatshirt. A cream china pot of Dilmah Ceylon loose leaf brewed beside me. Gisborne: first to see the light.
The beach is alive by 7. A sandy self-sufficient living breathing organism. A playground for all. Dogs. Surfer dudes and dudettes. Horizon voyeurs drinking tea. Horseriders. Swimmers. And this lovely silver-haired couple who walked everyday hand in hand.
Sand shoes.
Our bach afforded no seaviews. Though we slept to the seas symphony. I thought to move here.
The H and I had stayed at Wainui many times, but I didn't remember this rusty ol out-of-work lighthouse. At all. I could have been living in a children's book. Or trying to write one.
It did dictate a rather exhilarating research trip: breaststroking through seaweed fringed channels, scaling a steep and slippery no-hand-or-toe-holds-provided papa base. Up and down. Diving into a narrow rock-edged pool just as the tide rose. Smiling cos I made it.
It was heartening to see that the East Coast hadn't changed much in ten years. Green boatshed. Waipiro Bay.
The BS looks out over teal blue. I could be that shed. This is the main road south.

So glad no greedy developers can get their hands on this celestial spot. One of the cheeriest graveyards I've visited.

Now it's almost February. I'm back home in the mountains. My raisin brown tan snug under jeans. And the last of my Christmas eyelash extensions bereft - lost little lash-fairies on the basin rim. They've dropped like flies for weeks. Discarded along with my OWN lashes to which they were glued. You know I like taking one for the team  when it comes to experimenting with the vanities of the modern woman. I highly commend anyone who can put up with having these annoying silk fakes. They make your eyes pop for sure but they also gum them up. Would I do it again (daughter booked me in for a Xmas present)? Yes, probs. But I'd go shorter so's I don't look like a middle-aged blonde woman trying to be a doe-eyed ruminant. And I'd avoid hayfever season.

Right now? I must start writing. A novel. For any writers out there who are procrastinating and wallowing in the impossibility of it all - just like me. I kick you up the backside. And hope you'll do likewise. 

Happy 2017 everyone! And happy writing! Janex

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