Saturday, 5 November 2016

Book Launch Thinly Veiled as Friday Night Drinks - All Welcome!

Hello Friends, Jane Bloomfield here. I added 'Bloomfield' because I omitted printing it on the invitation to my book launch. Oops. In essence, this is a book baptism. A papery christening. My first shot at getting on the Bestseller list. And an excuse for a party. Parents will yap. Children will perform. Popcorn will fly. Yay!

Please bring your favourite 'Early Skiing Shot' for our  -
'I was Skiing Before I Could Tie My Shoe Laces'
photo wall.

Here's mine:
(from left to right. Eloise, Evan, Lily, Jane, 2003)

ps. I was not skiing before I could tie my shoe laces.

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