Friday, 27 December 2013

My Trip to America & The Wonderful & Weird Things I Saw

I've heard lists are all the writery rage at the mo so thought I'd write my own before they become journo-has-been. Even though I'm not a fan of the word 'listicle'. Reminds me of something you might find on a farm.

Anyway here we go; on my trip to America last week these are the best of the W&W things I saw.

1. A Human Hair Sale

Yep at D-Hair Salon on La Brea, you could buy REAL hair wigs and hair pieces. They hung in the window in one shade of blonde. Crimped. I wondered if the D in D-Hair stood for dead because they definitely didn't look alive.

2. Around the corner that guy, Willy Wonka was walking to work.

3.  In the desert, a vole popped out of his hole and stuffed his cheeks with seed husks (or something similarly dry and tasteless looking) for lunch. Casual as ever. While we gawped, at the first four legged creature we'd spied, in wonder.

4. Nearby, Mojave Desert's Next Top Model was auditioning.

5. And we stumbled onto the set of the Lorax:

6. On the freeway a man in a van passed us proudly advertising his wares: plumber and rooter. The H said he was going to retrain as a plumber soon as.

7. In a 7eleven in 29 Palms they had, 'Big Gulp' - 3 litre travel mugs on sale. Coke or Pepsi? Or a travel-potty?

8. At Skull Rock, a small boy wearing a Quebec cap said to son 10, 'are you from someplace else?' 'Yeah New Zealand,' he replied. 'Oh,' I thought it might be Switzerland,' said the boy.

9. On a cramped Air Tahiti Nui flight to Paris, a chihuahua sat on a seat two ahead of us in cattle class. Occasionally the male owner stroked his small brown companion on his lap. Sharing the calm. No doggie leads or small plastic bags involved.

I'm away from home for the next six weeks, there may be more listicles. There will definitely be more W&W. For me it's jetlag payback. Bring it on...

Oh yeah, this guy on Hollywood Boulevard, had a head and body and arms but no legs. Work that one out?

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  1. Looks like a super cool trip Jane-America is awesome!


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