Monday, 21 October 2013

Sunday Star Times Short Story Awards - Third Place Non Fiction

*****And the winner is...I placed third in the Sunday Star Times Short Story Awards - Non Fiction category, 2013. Click here for my story: 

Last Sunday (13.10.13), I found out I’m a finalist in the ‘Sunday Star Times Short Story Awards Non-fiction Category’.

There I was minding my own business in the Christchurch Koru Lounge when I cleared my emails and found this:

Wow! Congrats to Queenstown writer and wit @janeebloom Jane Bloomfield, finalist in non-fiction category at @SundayStarTimes writing award

To say I came over all funny would be the understatement of 2013. I started shouting to my daughter on the other side of the room. She was scuttling back from the buffet minding her own business too. 

Soon we were both having an attack of the vapours, sharing that first heady glow of feeling like the-chosen-won. 

Yet, how did Mr Braunias know? I quickly searched through the Sunday newspaper, lying crumpled beside me on the newly upholstered moss green banquette.  

Sunday Star-Times short story finalists named”

 Never mind the Man Booker, this is our literary shortlist”

If you say so!

“For the first time, the 2013 competition included a non-fiction category, for a story of 800-900 words on the theme of ‘family’. This category, which attracted around 130 entries, was judged by Sunday magazine editor Kim Knight.”

I read on…

And there was my name, Jane Bloomfield.

Along with fellow finalists: Ellen Rowntree & Megan Doyle Corcoran. And highly commended, Edgar Clapshaw and Charle Farnell.

“The winners will be announced in the Sunday Star-Times on November 3.”

Two weeks yesterday. It may as well be three years…

Since Sunday 13 (my new lucky number) October 2013, I’ve experienced elation, deflation, confusion, angst and paranoia. Questions like, is there more than one writer called Jane Bloomfield in New Zealand, have crossed my mind?

When daughter 15, read the first draft of the story I sent in she sobbed. She said afterwards that my piece had inspired her to write. So if that is the secondary outcome of this, I’ll be a proud mum.

“The awards, which have been running for three decades, have helped launch the careers of numerous Kiwi literary stars...” The article says.

I’m not holding my breath (anymore). But meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my finalist status and say good luck to my fellow finalists because, at the end of the day, the best story will win. 

 'A Letter To My Brother'  - published in the Sunday Magazine, 19th January 2014

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