Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spanish Nights y Hombres!

Sincere apologies for my time lapse blog posts. I'm finding it hard keeping up, what with so much sightseeing to do.

Especially in Barcelona, Spain, the fabulous Catalan city of Gaudi, tapas, and interesting men. Check out this list of hombres I've found:

1. Bernardo Cortes, the happiest man singer I've ever met on a beachfront.

2. Thoughtful Saturday men with dogs.

3. An earnest hunting man selecting a hairy hare for dinner at the Boqueria.

4. A lovely man who miraculously made a sardine disappear from a box at the Circo Raluy.

5. And this travelogue listicle ends with an extraordinary man who created buildings with curves and creatures, before my great grandmother was born.

Gracias Cabeleros!


  1. Many Latin lovers in your post, ha, ha! Did you visit Casa Batlló with the new video? It must be incredible. I've seen it on my computer and it's amazing! Best regards from Barna,

    1. Yes we did visit Casa Batllo - out of this world!.The audio was great, but did not see the video. Do you have a link for it? Muchos gracias


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